Eloping in Winthrop | Lorell and Steve

Eloping does not always mean what you might think it means. It used to be, I thought, that a couple eloping would run off, maybe under the cover of darkness, and get married without telling anyone. Maybe they were in a hurry or maybe there was a bit of a scandal or the family did not approve. Nowadays, folks might turn to an elopement rather than a traditional wedding in order to simplify their lives – avoiding the many details that go along with wedding planning; or to save money; or to honor their commitments to each other without all the distractions of a large event. Whatever the reason, from my point of view, they seem to be more popular than ever. This is the third elopement I have photographed this year!

All of these events have featured many of the same details of a bigger wedding but on a smaller scale – flowers, cakes, special clothes, a photographer, etc. What set them apart was the lack of a wedding party and lots of guests, caterers and dance floors among other things.

Lorell and Steve picked The Chewuch Inn for their ceremony and weekend getaway. They had a lovely cabin tucked away in the pines with a nearby stream. The grounds feature many trees and shrubs, quite a few of them native, and many song birds are attracted to the place. It is really quite lovely. In keeping with Winthrop’s western theme and the weekend’s rodeo they both wore their boots. They set up a small arbor in the outdoor sitting area and the witnesses included the Inn’s dog, Tater along with Vicky who works there. Tater could not sign his name so I was the other witness. Judge Mary Ann Ottinger was the officiant. Steve engineered a special surprise for Lorell by switching the ring he had originally bought for her with another one. He managed to sneak away and switch the rings on the pillow while I continued to photograph her. It was ingenious and she was genuinely surprised and delighted! At the end of the ceremony he presented her with the key to his heart. It was all so romantic and heart-warming and brought tears to my eyes.


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Thank you Lorell and Steve! It was a pleasure being there for you on your wedding day! Congratulations!



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