A Wedding Near Twisp

This wedding had so much fun; I can barely describe it in 99 images. It was at a beautiful setting overlooking the Methow River. There were two dogs devoted to the bride and groom in addition to all the family and friends. There was a bicycle ride to the reception. And the reception at the Twisp Valley Grange. Oh and the fall colors were warm and inviting. How many times have I said that each wedding is unique? It’s so true.

Christina and Erik live in Seattle with Bullet, the border collie and BB, the rescue dog and they enjoy riding bikes so it was natural for them to bring all of this to their wedding. She got ready in the house while he got ready in a gazebo near the river with BB at his side. She and Bullet walked to the gazebo where the four of them had a few moments together prior to the ceremony. They exchanged kisses, held hands, shared a beer and threw sticks for the dog before walking together back to the house. There they walked separately around the house, each accompanied by a dog and met their two officiants/close friends in front of the gathered friends and family.

After the ceremony, everyone took turns writing notes of love and attaching them to the couple’s bikes. Some folks changed shoes or clothes for the bike ride but most wore the same outfits for the six mile ride to town. The bride changed from her vintage, lacy, tea-length dress into another equally pretty dress that had a little stretch for the ride. The dogs had a designated driver and some folks chose to drive rather than ride.

At the Grange there was good food and drinks and pies and lots of music and dancing and visiting with old friends. It was a grand celebration.

Many thanks to Christina and Erik for including us in their wedding plans. It was such a fun time.

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