Surprise Marriage Proposal

I have the most fun job! Honestly. This fellow emailed me some weeks back about photographing he and his girlfriend as he proposed marriage to her. Wow! I wondered if he was sure she’d say yes and he was pretty confident. He bought a beautiful ring.

They live on the east coast and planned a summer vacation/road trip in Washington. They love the mountains and exploring National Parks. She is a science teacher and he is a meteorologist. They were starting with the Cascade Loop and he had selected the Washington Pass Overlook for the proposal.

On the appointed day, he texted me when they were leaving and let me know what he’d be wearing. I got to the pass ahead of them and placed myself and my dogs in the spot we had chosen. I had the dogs sit where I wanted the couple to stand and when I saw them approaching from the lower trail I made a comment something like – oh the view is best over there and I called my dogs to me. She went to take some pictures and he approached her with the ring behind his back. And of course, she said yes! Mother Nature smiled on them with perfect blue skies and a warm but not hot temperature. It was a good day.