North Cascades Wedding

Jay and Kaleena chose the Liberty Bell overlook for the site of their wedding. It’s a dramatic location perched on the edge of a lofty cliff high above Highway 20 with an incredible view of the Liberty Bell rock formation. Of course, during this time of year the weather can do anything and on Saturday it did. In the valley it was lovely and warm. The couple even went swimming! At 5:00, in the mountains the skies were overcast and low, threatening rain. We had seen some raindrops on the way to the pass.

But it wasn’t raining when we met the judge and walked to the upper overlook. It was chilly though. Kaleena’s son was the ring bearer and he was freezing and he was nervous. The bride was also pretty chilly in her elegant lacy and beaded wedding dress. It was quite a stunning dress and she was glowing with happiness despite the cold. No time was wasted getting started. Retired Judge Ottinger did a lovely ceremony and the couple’s vows were heartfelt and moving. The ring bearer was much more relaxed when the ceremony was finished. Afterwards we did a few quick photos and returned to the picnic area to sign the paperwork and then we went out to the main overlook for more photos. In the rain. They did bring umbrellas and that reminds me, I need to get some umbrellas for just this sort of thing.

The overcast skies and the rain made the fall colors glow in the early evening light. It was a perfect match for the happy couple. A beautiful North Cascades Wedding. People in the Pacific Northwest are used to weather and ready for whatever it has for us.

I am a person who enjoys all the seasons and most of the weather in the North Cascades. It brought me great happiness to be part of this joyous wedding despite the weather.