The Methow Out My Window Project

I am very excited about this handmade book project from the Methow Conservancy and I am very proud to have my work featured in it!


The Methow Out My Window Project
A Reflection on Place.
A Celebration of the Fine Art of Bookmaking & Art in Collaboration.
A Unique Way to Support Conservation in the Methow Valley.

Last fall Methow Valley artists volunteered to submit original artwork in answer to our call to reflect on “The Methow Out My Window.”  Under the curatorial mastery of Paper Hammer Studios and Ed Marquand in Tieton, WA, these individual works are coming together to create a breathtaking view of this Valley we all love.

We just finished the final art selection process – a competitive process, with more than 40 submissions of photography and linoleum block prints.  Now, the handmade book masters at Tieton are at work on the final design and production of the 250-copy limited edition art book.  The book will be finished by June and a show featuring all of the 40+ pieces of submitted art will be hosted by Twisp’s Door No. 3 studio throughout the month of June.

“This is a piece of art in book form, rather than a book with art,” notes Associate Director Sarah Brooks who worked with Board Member Richard Hart and the Twisp printmaking studio of Door No. 3 (Robin Doggett and Laura Gunnip) on the concept and creation of the book.  Eleven linoleum block prints will be originally printed on a letterpress into the book and the photographs will be digitally printed and “tipped” in as well.  Each page will be handmade and the book will come in a handmade box.  “This is bound to be a real collector’s item,” says Sarah.

The book will contain original linoleum block prints from:  Tania Gonzalez-Ortega, Patty Yates, Ginger Reddington, Caryl Campbell, Mary Lou McCollum, Sussi Rowntree, Erik Brooks, Bruce Morrison, Robin Doggett, Laura Gunnip, and Tori Karpenko.  Photography from E.A. Weymuller, Denny O’Callaghan, Mary Kiesau, Aristides Pappidas, and Teri Pieper will also be featured.  All of this Methow-based art will be tied together through the poetry of Linda Robertson, sharing her work Letters to Julia, offering a view of the Methow Valley at the turn of the 20th century.

The book will sell for $250 with net proceeds from sales going to the Annual Operating Fund of the Methow Conservancy.  Pre-sales of the books are starting now.  If you would like to receive a mailed invitation (which is also a lovely piece of art) for the pre-sale of a book, please send email

“This project is a great example of how the vibrant arts community in the Methow Valley supports and inspires all of us,” notes Sarah Brooks.  “We have been amazed at the response from local artists and are certain we will have a beautiful piece of collaborative art to share with the community this spring in celebration of working together to protect a place we love.”

Excerpted from the Methow Conservancy’s monthly enews.