A Perfect Day for a Wedding

Valerie and Brian picked the most perfect summer day in the Methow for their wedding. Not that they could have predicted what this summer was going to be like when they set the date. The weather was lovely with sunshine and blue skies. The river ran clear. The power was restored the day before the wedding. Smoke from wildfires went in another direction. Days before had been full of fire and smoke and the sound of generators. Days following there was more fire, more smoke and again, for some of us, the sound of generators. But their day was perfect.

The wedding was at their house. The ceremony was next to the river with guests gathered closely around the happy couple. There were dogs. Lots of kids having fun. The food from Sunflower Catering was outstanding. The music was terrific. People danced and hugged and talked and laughed and talked and laughed some more. During the afternoon and evening, folks wandered to the river, alone or in pairs, contemplating the beauty of the day. In the midst of all of our summer drama, this wedding was an oasis of fun times and celebration.




Many thanks to Valerie and Brian for including us in their plans.