Gathering the Family Together

Holidays are wonderful times to bring all the family together under one roof. How many of us get to experience that? And how often? It can be challenging with people spread over vast distances.

This close-knit family manages to pull it off from time to time. Four years ago they invited me to make family photos the day after Thanksgiving and you can see those images here. I was very happy when they invited me back this year. In the four years since, the little ones have grown so much and there are two more little ones! And the couple that didn’t have kids – they have adopted a rescue dog! It’s a big happy family with lots of love.

We were at the same cabin by the river but the weather made it feel like a different place. November has been warmer and wetter than usual compared to the snow we had four years ago. It’s still a really wonderful setting and those grandchildren will be busy making memories for years to come.

And take a look at those boots. Most of the women and girls had fabulous boots. I had some serious boot envy.


Thanks so much for sharing part of your holiday time with me.