Rain For Good Luck

I think most couples dream of a sunny day with blue, blue skies for their wedding. As a photographer, I look forward to a high overcast sky to soften the light and help create wonderful images to remember the day for years to come. Most people don’t want rain on their wedding. However, according to old traditions, a rainy wedding day could bring good luck. Rain symbolizes fertility, cleansing, unity, renewal and tears. Tears of happiness. Given all this, Rae and Brandon should have a joyous marriage full of good luck and happiness.

The rain came in waves. And there was sunshine too. Sometimes all at the same time. Fortunately, the rain held off for the outdoor ceremony and then the rest of the events were moved inside. It did seem like each time I took the newlyweds outside for photos, the rain came down again! At one point on the bluff at Sun Mountain, with rain and sunshine together, it looks like it was snowing! The bride and groom did not mind in the least. They were so happy to be married and in love and celebrating with their friends and family that they barely even noticed the weather.

The stunning flowers were done by a family friend. The carp-shaped groom’s cake was from Mike’s Amazing Cakes. And the gorgeous wedding cake came from Joanne at Arrowleaf Bistro in Winthrop.

I am reminded that it rained on my wedding day. And we have been blessed with good luck.


Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together. Thank you so much for including us in your wedding day.