Planning for the Future

These two are from the middle of the country, have worked and lived in Montana and are currently in graduate school in Pennsylvania. They are hoping to return to the west after graduation and their wedding next winter. They arranged to spend a spring break in Washington, exploring and considering employment opportunities. And while they were here, I got together with them to make engagement photos!

They described themselves as being very outdoorsy, loving to camp and hike in the mountains with their big dog. They didn’t mind that we are experiencing a late, cold spring. When we talked, months ago, I assured them that wildflowers would be blooming and spring would be well on its way. Instead, winter has barely left us and there are still occasional snow patches and muddy sections on the trails. In the Sun Mountain gardens, tiny spring bulbs were beginning to bloom. The beaver pond still had a bit of ice! They didn’t mind. They were so happy to be here surrounded by mountains and pine trees and fresh air.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your story with me. It was a delightful afternoon.

New Work at the Confluence Gallery

This winter I have been focused on making more photo encaustic work. Photo encaustics are a combination of photography, beeswax and various pigments. Other media might be involved as well. Lately I’ve been working with images embedded in the beeswax on a wooden substrate. Three of these pieces are hanging in the Shadow and Light show at the Confluence Gallery in Twisp. The show opens on Saturday, January 16 and will be up til February 27. I hope you have a chance to see it.

Theresa and Chris Engaged

As if getting to photograph two young people sparkling with love for each wasn’t enough, there was also a puppy AND it’s the peak of October colors! What more could a photographer want? Truly, it was a gorgeous bluebird skies day in the Methow and we were surrounded by yellow and gold cottonwoods and aspens alongside the Methow River. And there was a three-month old puppy. It could not have been more perfect.

Chris and Theresa spend their free time hiking and running on trails in the central Cascades and when they get a chance they come up to the Methow for even more fun. It’s a perfect spot for their engagement session and can you imagine their beautiful June wedding coming up next year? I am looking forward to it. Too bad that Kula, the Vizsla puppy won’t be there.


photocrati gallery

Engaged on Friday

Karen and Tyler have been planning their wedding at Sun Mountain for some months now. In addition they are both busy with work and they also recently bought a house so on the eve of their wedding, they still didn’t have engagement photos! They both love the outdoors, especially hiking and they find the landscapes of the east Cascades suits them well. Friday morning was sunny and cool when we met at the Chickadee trailhead for a walk and a photo session under the pines and aspens all covered in vibrant spring greenery. Birds were singing, balsamroot and serviceberry were in full bloom and we found evidence that bears do, indeed, go in the woods!


photocrati gallery

Yesterday’s wedding was blessed with more wonderful weather!

Watch for images in the next few days!

Another Engagement Announcement!

Tasia and Shanti are getting married in September at Spring Creek Ranch on the Methow River! They were over here visiting his folks and making plans this past weekend and we were able to squeeze in a little bit of time to grab some engagement photos for them. It was a bright sunny morning on the new pedestrian bridge across the Methow at Winthrop. We are so ready for this spring weather! You can see the trees are just beginning to leaf out and the river hasn’t yet started running high. We were able to get down on the river’s edge and the young people even peeked into an old cellar that was unearthed while the bridge was being built last year. Hopefully, their first home will have more light than this old room!


photocrati gallery

Congratulations Tasia and Shanti! September will be beautiful.

I am so happy to be photographing your wedding!