Lost River Family Photos

I’ve had the privilege to make photos for this family for four years now! Watching the children grow and change is a real delight for me. And visiting their quiet home nestled in a seemingly enchanted forest near Mazama is so much fun. The river flowing by makes it even more special. Last year, the river was much lower and we were able to walk on gravel bars that are now completely covered in water. You can see last year’s images here. Rivers are dynamic systems, changing every year depending on rainfall and snow accumulations.

This year, we were joined by grandparents who came from half a continent away. They were enjoying their visit to the North Cascades.

I am so lucky to have this fun job where I get to meet interesting people and work in beautiful places.


Senior and Family Photos

Gosh, what a beautiful day and what a terrific setting! The confluence of the Methow and Chewuch Rivers is bursting with fall colors. The old spreading deciduous trees around this family’s home are magnificent. There were dogs too. What more could I want? Nice people in a pretty setting. My job is fun because I meet so many interesting folks and I get to see places I might not otherwise.

Fall Family Photos

Fall is the perfect season for family photos around here. The weather is generally quite nice and the fall colors are very striking. The light at this time of year is magnificent. This young family has recently settled into the Methow Valley and I think they are really going to enjoy living here. They are active outdoor folks that enjoy the Methow Trails and both of their sons are already joining them on their adventures. The two little guys were pretty wiggly. The oldest one wanted nothing more than to ride his bike and the youngest one wanted to make friends with all the trees. Such fun!

Dinner at TwispWorks

In my little town of Twisp, there is an organization called TwispWorks. From their website – “TwispWorks is the place where people and ideas come together and where creative enterprise thrives.” It is home to artists’ studios, other small businesses including a brewery and taproom, a caterer, designer and manufacturer, our local radio station, and the local newspaper among others, and the Independent Learning Center. That’s just a small list of the partners.

On Saturday TwispWorks hosted The fourth annual Dinner at TwispWorks: A Cultivated Evening and I got to photograph the event. The evening was blessed with perfect weather. People enjoyed visiting and catching up with their friends and hearing about happenings around the TwispWorks campus. They enjoyed good food too. Volunteers served the food and beverages. The Marcus Dukes Project provided the background music. It was a nice evening.

Mazama Wedding

This wedding brought together not just a bride and a groom but also their four daughters! They have known each other for a long time and all of the girls are friends and have already formed a strong family bond. What a happy day uniting all six of them in love and joy.

The bride and her daughters and best friend readied themselves at Sun Mountain. The rest of the group prepared at the family cabin near Mazama where the ceremony was held. It was a small group of loved ones with one dog – Daphne. She is a Spinone, an Italian hunting dog, although Daphne is a simply a good natured pet. I keep wanting to say she’s a spumoni! After the ceremony, the guests showered the happy couple with flower petals. It was really a lovely touch.

The weather was perfect. This has been the best summer in recent memory and everyone I know has been overjoyed about it.

It was a really lovely afternoon and I was honored to be part of it.

I have such a good job.