Sun Mountain Wedding

I think it only rained twice this summer and I was at Sun Mountain Lodge for a wedding both times! They say it’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day and I should know, it rained on mine!

Sarah and Brad and I had planned to do photos on the grounds around the lodge before the ceremony. But it was blustery with rain squalls and strong breezes so we found a covered deck instead. Their dog was the ring bearer and somehow her leash didn’t make the drive up the mountain. Luckily, I had a leash in my car that she could use. Photographers are often called on to help in unusual circumstances and this was one of those times. The groom’s attendants included his daughter and the bride’s grandfather. We did the first look and wedding party photos and made our way over to the lodge in a light rain where guests waited on the covered terrace or in the lobby.

Despite the weather, the couple still wanted to have the ceremony outside. People were checking weather forecasts on smart phones and were convinced that the rain would be finished in half an hour so we waited. The bar was opened and a few people found umbrellas.

And indeed, the rain quit before 5:30. The smell of petrichor, “A pleasant, distinctive smell frequently accompanying the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather in certain regions” (Oxford English Dictionary), from the light rain left the air fresh and clean after weeks of hot, dry, smoky skies from nearby wildfires. The marvelous staff at Sun Mountain wiped down the chairs and provided towels for guests to sit on. The bride’s uncle was the officiant. Fawn Meadow Design provided the beautiful flowers.

There were more photos after the ceremony and dinner and drinks and cake and toasts and lots of dancing throughout the evening. DJ Noah Ashford provided the sound and music.

Many thanks to Sarah and Brad and their families for including us in their wedding plans. It was a delight to do your wedding photography.

Reflections on Water

The Confluence Gallery in Twisp opened a new show called Reflections on Water and three of my pieces are featured in it.

The first two – Post and Lily Pads – I made at Lost Lake early this summer. Sand Dollar is from a trip to the Oregon Coast last summer.



Lily Pads


Sand Dollar


Exhibit Curator Jennifer Molesworth created the show to discuss both the essential nature as well as the fragility of water systems. In addition to fine art photography, it features painting, mixed media, encaustic and three dimensional work. The Confluence Gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday and the show will be up til September 22. I hope you have a chance to see it.

Family Photos in the Methow Valley

I enjoyed a photo session with this happy and fun family at their vacation home on the Methow River near Winthrop. It was a breezy day, not too hot, and it was the first time they’d all been able to visit Winthrop at the same time this summer. Not only did they want family photos of the whole group including Huck, the dog, they also needed a senior photo with a reluctant senior, and there were engagement photos for the newly engaged daughter and her fiance! While I was working with the young couple, a game of corn hole got started. I think mom and dad were the eventual winners. It was a fun evening in the shady, green yard on the river.

Surprise Marriage Proposal

I have the most fun job! Honestly. This fellow emailed me some weeks back about photographing he and his girlfriend as he proposed marriage to her. Wow! I wondered if he was sure she’d say yes and he was pretty confident. He bought a beautiful ring.

They live on the east coast and planned a summer vacation/road trip in Washington. They love the mountains and exploring National Parks. She is a science teacher and he is a meteorologist. They were starting with the Cascade Loop and he had selected the Washington Pass Overlook for the proposal.

On the appointed day, he texted me when they were leaving and let me know what he’d be wearing. I got to the pass ahead of them and placed myself and my dogs in the spot we had chosen. I had the dogs sit where I wanted the couple to stand and when I saw them approaching from the lower trail I made a comment something like – oh the view is best over there and I called my dogs to me. She went to take some pictures and he approached her with the ring behind his back. And of course, she said yes! Mother Nature smiled on them with perfect blue skies and a warm but not hot temperature. It was a good day.

Thunder, Lightning and a Wedding

It was a Thursday in July and I was scheduled to photograph a wedding near Winthrop. I tried to look at the weather as I was heading out the door to Sun Mountain Lodge but the app wasn’t working. I had a feeling that there was a change happening and sure enough, as I arrived at the lodge, there was a large rolling thunder clap. However, it wasn’t raining.

Meg and Chris, the bride and groom who live in London, had planned a small intimate wedding with just ten guests and no attendants. Meg grew up in Seattle and spent many vacations at Sun Mountain and exploring the Methow Valley. They told me the wedding would be casual and fun. Sure enough, that was the case. They had chosen their clothes without letting the other one know what to expect. Most everything was non-traditional. The guests included their immediate families and one other couple.

We were able to do some photos, including a first look before the ceremony. During the vows, thunder and lightning interrupted occasionally along with a few scattered raindrops. After the ceremony I whisked the couple away for portraits before the rain really arrived. Family pictures had to be done on the covered part of the terrace and steps. Meg and Chris welcomed the rain. London is going through a long dry spell and they understand the importance of some summer moisture. It all turned out lovely and the cooler temperature was a welcome change. The thermometers have been registering well into the 90’s (Fahrenheit) recently.

‘They’ say that rain on your wedding day is lucky. I should know. It rained on my wedding day!

Here’s to Meg and Chris and their marriage. I wish you many adventures in life and in love.

Thank you for including me on your special day. I thoroughly enjoyed your wedding and creating your wedding photography.