Sam, a Chocolate Labrador

Sam is a ten year old chocolate labrador with a heart as big as all outdoors. In the last couple of years her muzzle and her eyebrows and even her feet have begun to turn white. She is a sweetheart and will return anything you ask of her even though she has bad knees and constant pain. Water is her favorite habitat and swimming brings her great joy, regardless of the season. She’s a good dog.

Winter is waning in the Methow

Today’s spring-like temperatures indicate that spring will arrive. Soon. I hope. Winter has been lovely but now the days are lengthening and there’s a sense that green things are beginning to emerge under the snow. The remains of last year’s plants still stand, supported by snow more than knee deep in places, but find a place of dirt under a spreading pine tree and you will see sprouts of grass amongst bits of lichen and old pine needles.

No winter
    lasts forever,
No spring skips it’s turn.
                       ~Hal Borland

Portfolio work

Did you know that I can photograph your artwork? This can be for your portfolio, or as a marketing tool, or as a record of finished work that has moved on to new homes or for simple documentation. This photography can be done in my studio, in your studio or the work can be photographed in place. Another marketing image you may need is ‘you at work’.



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