North Cascades Family Photos

I met this fun family at the Washington Pass overlook in the mountains of the North Cascades last week. The weather was in a constant state of change, sunny one minute and overcast the next and there may have been a little bit of graupel too. As we were moving around the site, the girl asked me if I would photograph Gizmo. I said, “What’s Gizmo?” Gizmo is a guinea pig and was waiting patiently in the car so we finished our time together with the cute little Gizmo.

I think this is the fifth year I have been able to make family photos for these folks and I have to say, I really do enjoy it. It’s always in October and the weather is always unpredictable. Here are the images from last year. The children are growing; the boy looks more and more like his dad and both kids are such athletes! It was a fun Sunday morning. Another day of fun times at work for me! Thank you so much!