Winter Family Photos

Lately the Methow has been living with the bluest skies you can imagine and a continuing deep layer of snow. It is all very beautiful. And cold. Icy in the morning and slushy in the afternoon. Spring is on the way!

An extended family from three parts of the state, put together some quarantine time and managed to all come together, safely, for a long weekend. They all brought dogs – two young goldendoodles and two senior dogs. The Methow Valley is a great place to be a dog. There was a mountain of snow where the plow has been pushing it since last October; the dogs and kids enjoyed climbing on it and jumping off too. Someone built a snow dog to top it off! Being so bright, sunglasses were the ‘must have’ accessory of the day.

Oh, and that wedding photo? Has it really been almost ten years ago? Where does the time go!

I am happy to be working in 2021 and meeting up with old friends and clients. I look forward to seeing more of you as time goes by as we begin to feel safer in the world around us. Thank you.