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In an attempt to freshen up this site and give it a new look, I have sunk into a dark hole from which I can barely see the daylight. So many things have gone wrong. Now I am at a point of being able to rebuild it from scratch but it might take a while. I need some patience.

The about and the contact links on the right or at the bottom should be working and I will be happy to talk to you about any of your photography needs. Thank you.

Chilling at Washington Pass

I met this family of four, plus their dog, at Washington Pass for family photos last weekend. It was cold! These kids were so good. They really didn’t want to take off their coats and stand still for photos but we worked fast and they did not complain. They were troopers! This was particularly fun because I got to photograph them last year and I really enjoy seeing the children change from year to year.

Despite the chilly temperatures and icy walkways, it was a beautiful day with fresh snow and lingering fall colors in the high mountains.

September Wedding

These two have been together for nine years, engaged for four years; they’ve lived together and far apart, separated by jobs or school. They’ve lived in the northwest, the southeast, overseas. Their wedding was threatened by a not so distant wildfire. Mazama was on a level 1 alert which means, be ready, in case this fire blows up and moves closer to homes. Their home in Florida was threatened by Hurricane Irma. And yet, it all turned out. The fire cooperated and photos were made high in the mountains and the wedding in Mazama went just as planned. And Irma changed course. Sometimes it all works out.

They had considered having the entire event high in the mountains near Harts Pass however some family members were reluctant to drive the steep and windy road to the top. And with the potential fire danger, it was even scarier. Instead, they had it on the edge of a meadow at Mazama. Just the three of us drove to Harts Pass to catch the morning light and the beginning of fall colors in the alpine larch trees. Since this was a morning wedding, we started early. The hair and makeup artist was there at 4:30 AM! I started working at 6. Have I mentioned that all weddings are unique? It’s true. That is something I love about them.



Mazama Summer Wedding

Last weekend there was a lovely wedding at the Mazama Ranch House. Lauren and CJ are avid rock climbers and have visited the upper Methow Valley numerous times during their courtship to practice their skills. The Ranch House is their favorite place to stay and it was a perfect backdrop for their summer wedding. Their family and friends came from far-flung locations, many visiting the Methow Valley for the first time.

I love to say that all weddings are unique – events celebrating two individuals coming together to share their lives. This one was no exception to the rule. For their wedding party, they chose their five nieces and nephews, ages one to five years old. It made for a delightful and fun ceremony! The bride was exquisite and the groom, so very handsome. The food and the flowers were perfect. The guests were full of joy for Lauren and CJ’s love. It was a perfect summer day.