A Small Wedding at Sun Mountain

It has been such a long, challenging year without big events and celebrations to anticipate and enjoy. So many weddings were postponed or turned into tiny gatherings.

This couple brought together a small set of family members at Sun Mountain Lodge to celebrate their wedding recently. They had planned to hold a big party a few days later but that has to be postponed til next year. And as if the covid-19 situation wasn’t hard enough, wildfire smoke from Oregon and California blanketed our valley for the previous week, making the air unhealthy to breathe. The couple wondered if they would have to move the ceremony inside. If that was the case, everyone would have had to wear masks all the time. But then the smoke drifted away and the sun even shined on their ceremony. It was pretty amazing! Following a toast, photos and a short drive, there was a picnic barbecue at the cabins on Patterson Lake – a perfect end to a lovely day.

I was so happy to photograph a wedding after a long break. I truly enjoy what I do, meeting people from all walks of life on a happy and momentous occasion.