The Road Less Traveled

The Winthrop Gallery is hosting an art show titled The Road Less Travelled. What does that mean? Is it an old abandoned road, or simply a fork in the road that leads to a less well-known destination? Or is it about choices a person makes in their life – perhaps unconventional choices that take them down a path that others might not have considered? Member artists of the Winthrop Gallery have interpreted this theme, each in their own unique way for a gallery show that opened on June 3.

I have submitted two pieces for this show:

Into the Depths
11″x14″ with white mat and matte black metal frame

Following the Light
16″x20″ with white mat and matte black metal frame

The Winthrop Gallery is not currently open for regular business hours due to the Covid-19 health crisis. The gallery is a cooperative and the 23 members are now working out the details for limited operations in the near future. You can see all of the new artwork for the show here.

I am happy to meet you at the gallery for a socially distanced viewing. Contact me to set up an appointment. Or if you want to buy something you see here on my website. Take care out there.