Life in the Covid Time

It has been almost two months of ‘shelter in place’. Avoiding all gatherings. Wearing masks to do errands in town. Avoiding most of our friends and loved ones. No traveling. Trying not to overdose on the daily news. Not working. Or working from home.

We are all missing something. What am I missing? Hanging out with friends. Agility practice with my dogs. Enjoying a trip to town with stops to linger and visit at the local bakery, gallery, market. No one lingers these days. Shopping for a new camper trailer. Travel. I should be in Utah right now.

I have occasional socially distanced walks with close friends and their dogs but mostly my dogs and I walk on our own and try to avoid strangers. It is May, possibly the prettiest month of the year. The hills are green and wildflowers are flourishing with spring rains. I appreciate the time I get to spend in Nature at a slow pace. My husband and I have dinner together every night. Normally he would be traveling much of this season for work. Our garden and yard will be better than ever this year.

I continue to photograph the world around me and my dogs, but I miss photographing people and their lives. Weddings have been postponed. Deposits have been returned. No one is asking for family photos. There are no events.

I worry about our small Methow Valley communities and the small businesses where we eat and shop. How many of them can weather this long closure? Many of my friends are artists and we are all struggling, trying to figure out how to market our products or services online. We miss getting together for gallery receptions and music and dance and theatre productions.

Twispworks and the Methow Conservancy have created the Spend a Ben program in the Methow Valley. They did this a few years ago when wildfires decimated our summer tourist season. It is a way for customers to easily reach vendors online to buy products, services, and gift certificates. I am on the list.

If you are interested in purchasing a framed print, ready to go, I have the following photos available through The Winthrop Gallery. They have white mats and black metal frames. The square raven is 16″x16″ and costs $225. The rest are 16″x20″ and are $245. Contact me for more information.

And if you see any images on my website that you’d like to have for your own, please contact me for availability and pricing.

I look forward to some new sense of ‘normal’ and seeing you in person in the hopefully, not too distant future.