Photographing your Artwork

This should be a quiet time of year for me but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Here is one event that is keeping me busy this week. It’s a Saturday afternoon workshop designed to introduce artists in various mediums to simple techniques they can use to photograph their work. Every artist needs a portfolio and some way to show her/his work to people through a website or perhaps to enter a gallery show. The task of making images is not always easy and the equipment costs can be overwhelming. Using cameras the artists already own and simple lighting techniques, acceptable images can be produced.



September Wedding at North Cascades Basecamp

Lauren and Eric traveled to Zimbabwe together to teach English last year. They were engaged during our winter season and chose to celebrate their wedding in the fall at the North Cascades Basecamp and Lodge near Mazama. What a change from Africa. These two young people have enjoyed the mountains of the North Cascades and were eager to share this place with their friends and family. Many of Eric’s family traveled from the east coast to be with them.

The weather was perfect, even warm for September 24. The Basecamp was a welcoming place. The bride got ready in the big cabin while the groom entertained guests on the lawn and under the tent. Gradually, guests made their way on a trail through the forest to the wedding site down by the Methow River. The two grandma’s were driven to the site as it is a good walk on rough ground.

With the musician Terry Hunt in place, the wedding party gradually arrived, first the officiate, then the groom and his mother and groomsmen. Most of the bridal party walked down wearing flip flops and then slipped into their dress shoes for the processional. River rocks, flowers and cairns lined the way. When everyone else was in place, the bride and her father came down through the woods to make the scene complete.

It was a beautiful ceremony with the Goat Wall a favorite climbing spot, as the background. The bride and groom spoke to each other about their love; poems were read; music during the ceremony was provided by  Jake and Lydia. Laughter was shared as the bride struggled to get the ring onto the groom’s finger. After the Pronouncement and Introduction, the couple led everyone else to the river for pictures. It was a fun bunch of folks always ready to get carried away and not afraid to get their feet wet! Lots of fun and laughter and love! Ken and I were very happy to be part of the celebration!

Congratulations Eric and Lauren!


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By Margaret Atwood

Marriage is not

a house or even at

it is before that,
and colder:

the edge of the
forest, the edge

of the desert

the unpainted stairs

at the back where
we squat

outside, eating

the edge of the
receding glacier

where painfully
and with wonder

at having survived

this far


we are learning to
make fire


Sun Mountain Family Reunion

This far-flung family traveled from the east coast, the southwest and the west side of the mountains to enjoy some serious fun and family time in the Methow Valley. Besides activities at Sun Mountain, they enjoyed fishing, mountain biking and rafting on the Methow. At the lodge they managed to get in lots of family games, a traditional croquet match, family photos and a cowboy dinner at the old homestead.



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A Summer Wedding at Browns Farm

Erin and David created a simple wedding to share with their families. Browns Farm was a perfect setting with weather to match for the midday celebration. Sunshine and real warmth combined with the wild roses and ponderosa pines and the backdrop of Lucky Jim Butte for the ceremony. Erin’s niece and nephew and David’s daughters completed the wedding party. David’s brother, a retired Coast Guard captain was the officiant. Erin’s parents and their tiny dog walked with the bride down the flower-lined aisle. It was a perfect day to celebrate the love and committment between these happy people.

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