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Tears, Laughter and Raindrops at Sun Mountain Wedding

Must everything in the Methow be about the weather? It seems like it’s always the topic at hand and last weekend was no exception.

Friday evening was threatened with thunder and lightning and rain but fortunately not much of that happened. It turned into a pleasant evening for a wedding rehearsal with a wagon ride and cowboy dinner for family and friends of the bride and groom. Everyone had the opportunity to learn to lasso a bull or perhaps a fiance. Their was good BBQ with all the trimmings and time to catch up with old friends and family members from far away.

Saturday had a similar forecast. We managed to get the ‘first look’ photos of the bride and groom (it is always my favorite part of the day when the two people see each other for the first time!) and returned to the lodge at Sun Mountain just as raindrops began to fall. Soon water was rushing off the roof in big rivulets. With gusty winds there was no chance of doing group photos outside, even under the eaves on the veranda. Everyone stayed warm and dry inside while we took advantage of the lobby’s large sitting area for photos. As we finished up, the rain tapered and the wedding planner had a hasty conversation with the couple to determine if they wanted to go outside for the ceremony. Both the bride and groom are big fans of being outdoors so it was unanimous. People were sent out to wipe down the chairs; the musician was set up under an umbrella; soon the guests made their way out to the bluff. It was obvious that another storm was moving quickly down valley and the judge agreed to talk fast!

The bride was radiant and the groom was ever so handsome. The ceremony was full of laughter and tears of joy. It was a beautiful day, despite the weather. After the ceremony and most people had returned to the lobby, the rain again fell as if dumped from buckets.


Jen and John were two of the happiest people I’ve ever seen. I wish them a lifetime of joyous occasions just like their wedding! Thank you for including me in your plans.