Thunder, Lightning and a Wedding

It was a Thursday in July and I was scheduled to photograph a wedding near Winthrop. I tried to look at the weather as I was heading out the door to Sun Mountain Lodge but the app wasn’t working. I had a feeling that there was a change happening and sure enough, as I arrived at the lodge, there was a large rolling thunder clap. However, it wasn’t raining.

Meg and Chris, the bride and groom who live in London, had planned a small intimate wedding with just ten guests and no attendants. Meg grew up in Seattle and spent many vacations at Sun Mountain and exploring the Methow Valley. They told me the wedding would be casual and fun. Sure enough, that was the case. They had chosen their clothes without letting the other one know what to expect. Most everything was non-traditional. The guests included their immediate families and one other couple.

We were able to do some photos, including a first look before the ceremony. During the vows, thunder and lightning interrupted occasionally along with a few scattered raindrops. After the ceremony I whisked the couple away for portraits before the rain really arrived. Family pictures had to be done on the covered part of the terrace and steps. Meg and Chris welcomed the rain. London is going through a long dry spell and they understand the importance of some summer moisture. It all turned out lovely and the cooler temperature was a welcome change. The thermometers have been registering well into the 90’s (Fahrenheit) recently.

‘They’ say that rain on your wedding day is lucky. I should know. It rained on my wedding day!

Here’s to Meg and Chris and their marriage. I wish you many adventures in life and in love.

Thank you for including me on your special day. I thoroughly enjoyed your wedding and creating your wedding photography.

Tears, Laughter and Raindrops at Sun Mountain Wedding

Must everything in the Methow be about the weather? It seems like it’s always the topic at hand and last weekend was no exception.

Friday evening was threatened with thunder and lightning and rain but fortunately not much of that happened. It turned into a pleasant evening for a wedding rehearsal with a wagon ride and cowboy dinner for family and friends of the bride and groom. Everyone had the opportunity to learn to lasso a bull or perhaps a fiance. Their was good BBQ with all the trimmings and time to catch up with old friends and family members from far away.

Saturday had a similar forecast. We managed to get the ‘first look’ photos of the bride and groom (it is always my favorite part of the day when the two people see each other for the first time!) and returned to the lodge at Sun Mountain just as raindrops began to fall. Soon water was rushing off the roof in big rivulets. With gusty winds there was no chance of doing group photos outside, even under the eaves on the veranda. Everyone stayed warm and dry inside while we took advantage of the lobby’s large sitting area for photos. As we finished up, the rain tapered and the wedding planner had a hasty conversation with the couple to determine if they wanted to go outside for the ceremony. Both the bride and groom are big fans of being outdoors so it was unanimous. People were sent out to wipe down the chairs; the musician was set up under an umbrella; soon the guests made their way out to the bluff. It was obvious that another storm was moving quickly down valley and the judge agreed to talk fast!

The bride was radiant and the groom was ever so handsome. The ceremony was full of laughter and tears of joy. It was a beautiful day, despite the weather. After the ceremony and most people had returned to the lobby, the rain again fell as if dumped from buckets.

Jen and John were two of the happiest people I’ve ever seen. I wish them a lifetime of joyous occasions just like their wedding! Thank you for including me in your plans.

Lisa and Craig – Married at Sun Mountain

How did you meet your sweetie? My husband and I met because of the Audubon Society! Everyone’s got a story. Lisa and Craig’s story began during a bridge game! Everyone’s story is unique. That’s why I enjoy weddings so much. It’s all about the personal stories of two people in love and their families and friends and the stories they make.

These two people spend much of their free time in the Methow Valley so it was natural for them to choose this place to get married. Sun Mountain Lodge provided the perfect backdrop with nice weather and wonderful light. Their families and friends traveled from near and far to share this event in this special place. A dear friend was their officiate. The setting on the bluff was lovely with September flowers in bloom in front of Wolf Creek, the Methow River and the North Cascades in the distance. Lisa and her dad made the centerpieces; Craig carefully hand wrote in calligraphy, place cards for all of the guests. The Tamarack String Quartet, part of Cascadia Music in Twisp provided music during the ceremony and reception. The beautiful flowers were from Fawn Meadow and Susan Stone made the incredible cake.

The mountains rose to meet the sun during the ceremony and the sun set as guests made their way to dinner. The temperature dropped rather abruptly and everyone was thankful for the heaters inside the tent. Dinner was served. Toasts were made. The cake was cut and enjoyed as the blue darkness overcame the bright light of the day.


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How did you meet your sweetie? What stories do you have to tell?

Many thanks to Craig and Lisa for including us in their wedding plans. We had a wonderful time. Congratulations!


Engaged on Friday

Karen and Tyler have been planning their wedding at Sun Mountain for some months now. In addition they are both busy with work and they also recently bought a house so on the eve of their wedding, they still didn’t have engagement photos! They both love the outdoors, especially hiking and they find the landscapes of the east Cascades suits them well. Friday morning was sunny and cool when we met at the Chickadee trailhead for a walk and a photo session under the pines and aspens all covered in vibrant spring greenery. Birds were singing, balsamroot and serviceberry were in full bloom and we found evidence that bears do, indeed, go in the woods!


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Yesterday’s wedding was blessed with more wonderful weather!

Watch for images in the next few days!

Jen and Kirk – A Sun Mountain Wedding

Winter Weddings in the Methow are tons of fun! You never know what will happen. Jen and Kirk chose Sun Mountain Lodge for their big day and it was perfect. The weather was cold and bright. The sunset magnificent. The bride was more than radiant and the groom ever so handsome. We had a great time photograping this celebration of love. I was with Jen while she prepared and Ken went with to find the guys. Earlier that day, I had a great idea for a fun photo of the couple and I asked Ken to talk to the groom and his friends about it. They were enthusiastic, to say the least. One of the fellows, not in the wedding party, was very happy to move a snow machine onto a big snow berm for the sunset portraits! It was ready to go before the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful in the big lobby of the lodge. Jen’s son walked her down the aisle. Tears were shed. And there were kisses, lots of kisses. Much happiness. We did many of the photos in front of the stone fireplace and a few outside. Most of the women were freezing so we moved along pretty quickly. Jen never seemed to get cold and when she heard about the snow machine waiting for them, she was ready to go!

What a wonderful day! Many thanks to Kirk and Jen for including us in their Winter Wonderland Wedding.


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