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Mountain Top Wedding in the North Cascades

Kendra and Joe’s wedding was perfect. Exactly like they envisioned it. They had the ceremony at a place they visited on their first date and where they fell in love. The weather was outstanding. Their friends and family and all the dogs came too; even the cat was invited. The one thing that worried them was parking and that was not a problem. It was all quite perfect.

And I loved it nearly as much as they did. The wedding site is one of my favorite places – 7400’ Slate Peak in the North Cascades. Dogs were invited, including my dogs. The bride and groom are madly, passionately in love and make no secret of it. The groom had his bride’s ring designed and the diamonds in it came from his relatives’ rings. He described it during the ceremony bringing tears to his bride’s eyes. His father was his ring bearer. The bride’s attendants were her parents and sisters and her family’s dog. The mothers of the couple were the witnesses. The reception was a big campout with lots of food, bubbles, tiny electric lights (no fires or candles due to continuing high fire danger), a boat filled with refreshments and more food and dogs. Did I mention dogs?

Truly the weather was amazing. There had already been some cold days so fall colors were starting but with temperatures in the 70’s for the ceremony and warmer at the campsite, it felt like summer. Before the wedding, guests gathered at the campsite while the bride and her sisters got dressed behind a wall made from what appeared to be an old parachute. Everyone car pooled to the trailhead and walked to the mountain top where they took in the unbelievable views of the North Cascades before the ceremony. Afterwards I joined the happy couple for the return trip to the reception and we were able to stop along the way and get some beautiful images of them in this marvelous landscape.

Back at the campsite, Kendra was surprised to find her grandmother there. She had been in a hospital and unable to attend the wedding. When she got out that day, she persuaded her daughter to drive her up to the reception! It was a happy moment. Dogs played, people blew bubbles, burgers and venison sausages sizzled on the BBQ’s, and general fun ensued for the rest of the day.

What a spectacular wedding.


I am so honored to have been part of this amazing day! Thank you SO much Kendra and Joe!