Mountain Top Wedding in the North Cascades

Kendra and Joe’s wedding was perfect. Exactly like they envisioned it. They had the ceremony at a place they visited on their first date and where they fell in love. The weather was outstanding. Their friends and family and all the dogs came too; even the cat was invited. The one thing that worried them was parking and that was not a problem. It was all quite perfect.

And I loved it nearly as much as they did. The wedding site is one of my favorite places – 7400’ Slate Peak in the North Cascades. Dogs were invited, including my dogs. The bride and groom are madly, passionately in love and make no secret of it. The groom had his bride’s ring designed and the diamonds in it came from his relatives’ rings. He described it during the ceremony bringing tears to his bride’s eyes. His father was his ring bearer. The bride’s attendants were her parents and sisters and her family’s dog. The mothers of the couple were the witnesses. The reception was a big campout with lots of food, bubbles, tiny electric lights (no fires or candles due to continuing high fire danger), a boat filled with refreshments and more food and dogs. Did I mention dogs?

Truly the weather was amazing. There had already been some cold days so fall colors were starting but with temperatures in the 70’s for the ceremony and warmer at the campsite, it felt like summer. Before the wedding, guests gathered at the campsite while the bride and her sisters got dressed behind a wall made from what appeared to be an old parachute. Everyone car pooled to the trailhead and walked to the mountain top where they took in the unbelievable views of the North Cascades before the ceremony. Afterwards I joined the happy couple for the return trip to the reception and we were able to stop along the way and get some beautiful images of them in this marvelous landscape.

Back at the campsite, Kendra was surprised to find her grandmother there. She had been in a hospital and unable to attend the wedding. When she got out that day, she persuaded her daughter to drive her up to the reception! It was a happy moment. Dogs played, people blew bubbles, burgers and venison sausages sizzled on the BBQ’s, and general fun ensued for the rest of the day.

What a spectacular wedding.

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I am so honored to have been part of this amazing day! Thank you SO much Kendra and Joe!

Tears, Laughter and Raindrops at Sun Mountain Wedding

Must everything in the Methow be about the weather? It seems like it’s always the topic at hand and last weekend was no exception.

Friday evening was threatened with thunder and lightning and rain but fortunately not much of that happened. It turned into a pleasant evening for a wedding rehearsal with a wagon ride and cowboy dinner for family and friends of the bride and groom. Everyone had the opportunity to learn to lasso a bull or perhaps a fiance. Their was good BBQ with all the trimmings and time to catch up with old friends and family members from far away.

Saturday had a similar forecast. We managed to get the ‘first look’ photos of the bride and groom (it is always my favorite part of the day when the two people see each other for the first time!) and returned to the lodge at Sun Mountain just as raindrops began to fall. Soon water was rushing off the roof in big rivulets. With gusty winds there was no chance of doing group photos outside, even under the eaves on the veranda. Everyone stayed warm and dry inside while we took advantage of the lobby’s large sitting area for photos. As we finished up, the rain tapered and the wedding planner had a hasty conversation with the couple to determine if they wanted to go outside for the ceremony. Both the bride and groom are big fans of being outdoors so it was unanimous. People were sent out to wipe down the chairs; the musician was set up under an umbrella; soon the guests made their way out to the bluff. It was obvious that another storm was moving quickly down valley and the judge agreed to talk fast!

The bride was radiant and the groom was ever so handsome. The ceremony was full of laughter and tears of joy. It was a beautiful day, despite the weather. After the ceremony and most people had returned to the lobby, the rain again fell as if dumped from buckets.

Jen and John were two of the happiest people I’ve ever seen. I wish them a lifetime of joyous occasions just like their wedding! Thank you for including me in your plans.

Ohme Gardens Wedding

It was a perfect Sunday in September to be married at Ohme Gardens located on a hillside high above the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia Rivers. This oasis of evergreens, tidy flower beds, beckoning ponds and waterfalls and scenic vistas is the same place that the groom’s grandparents were married many years ago. Donna and Glenn honored these family members with an intimate family wedding of their own.

This beautiful couple began dating back in high school while Donna was living in the house where Ken and I now live. Maybe they even shared their first kiss here during her surprise birthday party? It was super fun to be around their extended families with lots of nieces and nephews enjoying one of the last days of summer.


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Ken and I were very happy to travel downriver to Wenatchee to photograph Donna and Glenn’s beautiful garden wedding surrounded by their loving families. Thank you so much for including us.

Lisa and Craig – Married at Sun Mountain

How did you meet your sweetie? My husband and I met because of the Audubon Society! Everyone’s got a story. Lisa and Craig’s story began during a bridge game! Everyone’s story is unique. That’s why I enjoy weddings so much. It’s all about the personal stories of two people in love and their families and friends and the stories they make.

These two people spend much of their free time in the Methow Valley so it was natural for them to choose this place to get married. Sun Mountain Lodge provided the perfect backdrop with nice weather and wonderful light. Their families and friends traveled from near and far to share this event in this special place. A dear friend was their officiate. The setting on the bluff was lovely with September flowers in bloom in front of Wolf Creek, the Methow River and the North Cascades in the distance. Lisa and her dad made the centerpieces; Craig carefully hand wrote in calligraphy, place cards for all of the guests. The Tamarack String Quartet, part of Cascadia Music in Twisp provided music during the ceremony and reception. The beautiful flowers were from Fawn Meadow and Susan Stone made the incredible cake.

The mountains rose to meet the sun during the ceremony and the sun set as guests made their way to dinner. The temperature dropped rather abruptly and everyone was thankful for the heaters inside the tent. Dinner was served. Toasts were made. The cake was cut and enjoyed as the blue darkness overcame the bright light of the day.


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How did you meet your sweetie? What stories do you have to tell?

Many thanks to Craig and Lisa for including us in their wedding plans. We had a wonderful time. Congratulations!


Eloping in Winthrop | Lorell and Steve

Eloping does not always mean what you might think it means. It used to be, I thought, that a couple eloping would run off, maybe under the cover of darkness, and get married without telling anyone. Maybe they were in a hurry or maybe there was a bit of a scandal or the family did not approve. Nowadays, folks might turn to an elopement rather than a traditional wedding in order to simplify their lives – avoiding the many details that go along with wedding planning; or to save money; or to honor their commitments to each other without all the distractions of a large event. Whatever the reason, from my point of view, they seem to be more popular than ever. This is the third elopement I have photographed this year!

All of these events have featured many of the same details of a bigger wedding but on a smaller scale – flowers, cakes, special clothes, a photographer, etc. What set them apart was the lack of a wedding party and lots of guests, caterers and dance floors among other things.

Lorell and Steve picked The Chewuch Inn for their ceremony and weekend getaway. They had a lovely cabin tucked away in the pines with a nearby stream. The grounds feature many trees and shrubs, quite a few of them native, and many song birds are attracted to the place. It is really quite lovely. In keeping with Winthrop’s western theme and the weekend’s rodeo they both wore their boots. They set up a small arbor in the outdoor sitting area and the witnesses included the Inn’s dog, Tater along with Vicky who works there. Tater could not sign his name so I was the other witness. Judge Mary Ann Ottinger was the officiant. Steve engineered a special surprise for Lorell by switching the ring he had originally bought for her with another one. He managed to sneak away and switch the rings on the pillow while I continued to photograph her. It was ingenious and she was genuinely surprised and delighted! At the end of the ceremony he presented her with the key to his heart. It was all so romantic and heart-warming and brought tears to my eyes.


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Thank you Lorell and Steve! It was a pleasure being there for you on your wedding day! Congratulations!