New Work at The Winthrop Gallery

The Winthrop Gallery walls recently had a mid-winter refreshing. Maybe it’s not mid-winter but late winter or early spring, based on the warm weather we are experiencing. Regardless, I took in some new pieces reflecting the monochrome world I’ve been living in this winter.


photocrati gallery


The Winthrop Gallery is open from ten til five Thursday through Monday during the winter and seven days a week when the pass is open. Currently, the gallery is hosting the dog and cat photo contest exhibition.

Winter Wedding on the Ski Trail

Kelsey and Brian come to this valley to spend time in a natural setting – skiing, hiking, biking and so on. They were engaged on the Tawlks Foster Suspension Bridge over the Methow River on the MVSTA Community Trail. It is a place where everyone – locals and visitors alike – stops to take in the view and maybe enjoy the sight of spawning salmon in the fall or American Dippers singing in the winter.

When it came time to plan their wedding, Kelsey and Brian decided that they wanted to share this special place with their friends and family, during a special time for them – winter! Never mind that many of their guests had never skied or snow shoed and perhaps also were unprepared for the potential rigors of a winter day in the Methow. They knew that these folks would enjoy the experience and maybe even come to love it as Kelsey and Brian do.

Back in October as we talked about the wedding day, none of us imagined that we were going to have the lowest snow totals in perhaps forty years! And no one imagined that in January we might be faced with (shudder) rain! But that’s what happened. They had planned to dress in their formal clothes and ski to the bridge for the ceremony! Not only are they active outdoor recreationists but they are also competitive ballroom dancers. It turns out (I learned a lot last weekend) that dancers have special clothes made for ease of movement so Brian already owned a stretchy tux that would be good for skiing and Kelsey had a gorgeous beaded dress made not only for their wedding but also for future dance events!

We began the day with formal photos on their covered porch while it lightly rained all around us. The discussion centered around when should they make a decision to change plans and how would they reach everyone. However both of them still wanted to be married in that place that is so special to them, no matter the weather. They changed into some winter clothes while keeping some of the wedding finery and we all walked to the site. Their hardy guests all arrived with smile on their faces – via skis, snowshoes and their own two feet. Some thoughtful guests used a sled to pull in a complete setup to make hot buttered rum drinks!

After the ceremony and few warm drinks, people dispersed to change for the night’s event at the Winthrop Barn where they were greeted by giant frozen votive candle holders outside and inside a Barn that no one would surely recognize. The décor was quite amazing, thanks to Melanie Whitaker and her crew. Noah Ashford provided dance music for everyone and the locally inspired food came from the delectable Arrowleaf Bistro. After dinner, the bride and groom exchanged chocolates and danced the night away.


photocrati gallery


It was a beautiful winter wedding! Many thanks to Kelsey and Brian for including us in their big day. We wish you a lifetime of happy times together.


Snow Play

Three brothers and their families gathered at the home of one of the brothers here in the Methow Valley to celebrate the holidays last week. Much fun was had by all sledding, tumbling and playing in the snow! It was hard to tell who was having more fun – the little kids or the big kids! I had great fun making images of them sharing their fun times!


photocrati gallery


Plenty to be Thankful About

The day after Thanksgiving found me making images at a riverside cabin just down the hill from our place. Grandparents own the cabin and this holiday they were joined by all of their far-flung family. Their kids and grandchildren came from Washington, Idaho and California to share in the holiday joy and snow of the Methow Valley.

This cabin is such a great place for grandkids! Oh my gosh, I can just imagine the fun they will have as they grow older and learn about the river and its wildlife and explore the aspen grove and spend nights in the big wall tent listening to the water go by.

With all of us in the post-turkey haze of contentment and good feeling, it was invigorating to be out in the gently falling snow.

photocrati gallery

Many thanks to Debbie and George for sharing this place and their family with me.


Riding into the Sunset

This is a sneak peek from yesterday’s wedding at Sun Mountain. Kirk and Jen have been in the valley all week riding their sleds and having tons of fun in the Methow Winter Wonderland! After the wedding and just at sunset, the pair enjoyed a brief ride on the best man’s snow machine before the reception.



Watch for more images from this gorgeous wedding later this week!