A Garden Wedding in Twisp

There was a lot of fretting about the weather for this wedding. A lot! The weather this spring was unsettled for weeks with frequent rain and wind and then that Sunday morning, it was lovely! Sunny and not too hot. The garden had benefitted from all the rain and the flowers were in full, luscious bloom! Backup plans included having the ceremony under the tent or the guests under the tent and ceremony on the porch but there was no need for any of that.

The Methow Valley Inn was the perfect backdrop for this intimate wedding. The old-fashioned charm and intricate gardens were perfect for the ceremony, pictures and the reception too. The bride and her daughter and her parents walked over from the Twisp River Suites, crossing the highway and Glover Street to walk in through the alley. I could barely keep up! They were all so happy and looking forward to the ceremony. The midday sun may not be a photographer’s favorite lighting but it highlighted the happiness and beauty of the day.

Once again, I am amazed that I get to be part of such a wonderful celebration.