Skalitude Intimate Wedding

I can hardly find words to describe this wedding held at Skalitude Retreat Center in Smith Canyon. It was small with just about twenty people, including myself and the caterers and the owner of Skalitude. Well one word does come to mind – Surprise. When the bride first approached me about this event, she said it was a surprise wedding for her fiance. I have to admit to being a little bit skeptical at the prospect. She did explain that they were long engaged and he was very busy with his job and he certainly did expect to be getting married this summer. And really, they were going to have to get rings and a marriage license and so on and so forth so it could not be too much of a surprise.

There were lots of surprises including the location, the fishing trip he received for his birthday and all of the guests that kept arriving from the east coast! He was genuinely happy with everything that his bride had planned for their joyous celebration. To make matters even better, she chose a location where their dogs could be with them. How perfect is that?

The couple walked from the lodge to the flag circle in the big meadow, followed by their guests and the dogs. Everyone gathered around in an arc and at the end there was a big group hug! The dogs laid at their feet for the ceremony keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings. Later we had photos in the aspens and the meadow before joining the guests for a sumptuous dinner prepared by Kathy and Callie of Sunflower Catering. Fawn Meadow Design supplied the flowers including the garland worn by one of the dogs. The gorgeous and tasty cake was from Susan Stone, a personal favorite of mine since she made our wedding cake too! The bride’s sister made a heartfelt toast that nearly brought everyone to tears.

It was a bluebird-blue sky Methow day with warm temperatures that cooled as the sun dipped behind the mountains at dinner time. People found sweaters and sweat shirts and no one complained. The dogs took well-needed naps and folks basked in the love that these two people have for each other. The day could not have been more perfect.


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I am honored to be a part of celebrations like this. Thank you so much.

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