Making Sawdust

What’s your art medium? Paint? Paper? Photography? Music? Stone? Theater?

Here in the Methow Valley, there are many artists creating art in any number of mediums. We are supported by our community and by Methow Arts and by other artists. It is one of the reasons people come here to live.

Each quarter, Methow Arts prepares a printed magazine highlighting the arts in our region and also drawing attention to a featured artist. I have been selected to photograph some of these artists in years’ past and was delighted when they asked me to photograph my friend Don McIvor for the Spring issue.

Don works with wood. His turned pieces can be found at The Winthrop Gallery and through his website. Besides turning wood, he creates cabinets and furniture; he has made a marimba for his wife Mary McIvor and a sink for their newly remodeled bathroom, in addition to countless other projects. His petroglyph pieces are particularly striking. The Methow Arts profile can be seen here.

Here are a few of my favorite photos.