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Love Knows No Borders

Carly is from Canada; Sean from the US. They both ride dirt bikes. They met while volunteering on a trail work party. He fights fires for the county. She is a wildland firefighter. Her mother describes them both as super heroes! Carly is leaving British Columbia to be with Sean in this country. The paperwork for her has been, at times overwhelming.

They chose Sun Mountain Lodge for their wedding ceremony because of their deep love of the mountains. It was beautiful with grand Christmas decorations and the surrounding snow-covered peaks added to the feeling of a winter wonderland.

It was a small and hardy group that gathered that cold afternoon to celebrate with them. The temperature was in the mid-20’s, Fahrenheit or below zero, centigrade. Hand warmers were provided for the guests. Sean’s daughter was the flower girl and ring bearer. His dear friend – more like a brother – was the officiant. There were lots of laughs, especially when he compared the wedding ring not to a circle but to a motorcycle tire!

One guest put together a very handy translation guide to help everyone know the words that are different in Canadian and US English. For instance a beanie is a toque or a paper towel is a serviette and a road construction zone in Canada is known as a cone zone. I like that.

After the ceremony and pictures, they danced in the gallery with Donna Keyser‘s marvelous paintings for a backdrop. The wine cellar served as their dining room. Carly made their ‘guest log’ out of a slab of a dead tree they collected in the mountains. Guests signed in pencil and she will use a wood burning tool to make the names permanent. Joanne, from Arrowleaf Bistro in Winthrop made their unique cake. And just before dinner, the bride’s father challenged the groom to an arm wrestling match. Sean won so the wedding was official!



Wow! What an amazing afternoon! Thank you so much for including me in your wedding plans!