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Jen and Kirk – A Sun Mountain Wedding

Winter Weddings in the Methow are tons of fun! You never know what will happen. Jen and Kirk chose Sun Mountain Lodge for their big day and it was perfect. The weather was cold and bright. The sunset magnificent. The bride was more than radiant and the groom ever so handsome. We had a great time photograping this celebration of love. I was with Jen while she prepared and Ken went with to find the guys. Earlier that day, I had a great idea for a fun photo of the couple and I asked Ken to talk to the groom and his friends about it. They were enthusiastic, to say the least. One of the fellows, not in the wedding party, was very happy to move a snow machine onto a big snow berm for the sunset portraits! It was ready to go before the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful in the big lobby of the lodge. Jen’s son walked her down the aisle. Tears were shed. And there were kisses, lots of kisses. Much happiness. We did many of the photos in front of the stone fireplace and a few outside. Most of the women were freezing so we moved along pretty quickly. Jen never seemed to get cold and when she heard about the snow machine waiting for them, she was ready to go!

What a wonderful day! Many thanks to Kirk and Jen for including us in their Winter Wonderland Wedding.