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Winter Wonderland Wedding

I know I say this all the time but it bears repeating – All Weddings are Unique. There is no cookie cutter wedding.

This wedding not only united two people, it brought together a new family including four children and a dog. The ceremony was very inclusive, celebrating the love that all six of these people have for each other and how much they are looking forward to living their lives together as a family. All of the children were involved in the ceremony with readings and songs and two of them stood next to their parents as best man and maid of honor, along with the dog. It was incredibly touching.

Cold weather did not prevent the ceremony from being held outside on a wool rug spread over the snow. The sun made an appearance just before the wedding while a few fat snowflakes drifted to the ground. In the background, the Methow Valley spread out below the happy family and on the other side the views extended to the north, over Pearrygin lake and the Chewuch River valley. It was a picture-perfect Methow Valley winter day.

After the ceremony and cake, the family went outside for a good-natured snowball fight. They may not have been entirely dressed for the cold temperatures so the snow fun did not last too long. A fireplace next to the patio provided a good place to warm up. Inside there was lively music and dancing and lots of warm food. Outside the nearly full moon rose over Bowen Mountain on one of the shortest days of the year.


Thank you Carolyn and Geoff for including me in your intimate winter wedding. It was an honor.