Winthrop Campground Wedding

This was fun! The bride’s family owns a campground on the shore of Big Twin Lake near Winthrop and Jessie had always dreamed of getting married there. Well, dreams do come true! It was a sunny August day. We arrived in the middle of the afternoon to find people milling around, enjoying the shade trees; most already dressed in their wedding clothes. Dogs napped. Yellow-headed Blackbirds chattered. There was a cooling breeze. Soon the bustle of final wedding prep began to fill the place with vibrant energy matched only by the bridesmaids’ coral dresses. Flowers were pinned on jackets. The groom patiently waited at the end of the dock as the bride made her way down from the house for that ‘first look’ while the entire wedding party watched from above! Later everyone regrouped under the shade trees to make their way to the wedding site in front of majestic pines. Afterwards the breeze died down and the evening unfolded with the light; from cocktails to dinner to toasts and dancing as afternoon turned to sunset and then to dusk and nightfall.


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  1. Teri – the wedding photos look beautiful, and let me add that I love, love, love the photo of our “old boy” Balder napping on the deck! He is so photogenic!

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