Western Oregon Wedding

I recently traveled to to the forested hills above Eugene, Oregon to photograph a delightful wedding in one of the prettiest settings I’ve ever seen. The groom’s parents hosted the ceremony and reception at their home among towering Douglas fir and graceful deciduous trees. Guests suggested that the parents might want to go into the business of hosting a wedding venue but I think they are happy to keep it to themselves and their friends and family!

The flowers were amazing – not just the arranged flowers but also the flowers growing around the home – in pots and in the ground. Western Oregon is blessed with a wonderful climate for growing beautiful flowering shrubs and plants and the family has helped that along with lots of tender loving care.

I’ve said it before and will say it again – all weddings are unique! That’s what I love about them. This one featured a seemingly bejeweled tiny frog that wanted to be part of the family photos. During the ceremony, the groom put the ring on the wrong hand of the bride however she noticed and he moved it to the left hand where it belongs.  The bride and groom laughed til they cried, or maybe they cried tears of joy til they laughed. So much happiness!

Thanks so much for including me in your wedding. It was truly wonderful.


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