Mazama Wedding

This wedding brought together not just a bride and a groom but also their four daughters! They have known each other for a long time and all of the girls are friends and have already formed a strong family bond. What a happy day uniting all six of them in love and joy.

The bride and her daughters and best friend readied themselves at Sun Mountain. The rest of the group prepared at the family cabin near Mazama where the ceremony was held. It was a small group of loved ones with one dog – Daphne. She is a Spinone, an Italian hunting dog, although Daphne is a simply a good natured pet. I keep wanting to say she’s a spumoni! After the ceremony, the guests showered the happy couple with flower petals. It was really a lovely touch.

The weather was perfect. This has been the best summer in recent memory and everyone I know has been overjoyed about it.

It was a really lovely afternoon and I was honored to be part of it.

I have such a good job.

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