Dinner at TwispWorks

In my little town of Twisp, there is an organization called TwispWorks. From their website – “TwispWorks is the place where people and ideas come together and where creative enterprise thrives.” It is home to artists’ studios, other small businesses including a brewery and taproom, a caterer, designer and manufacturer, our local radio station, and the local newspaper among others, and the Independent Learning Center. That’s just a small list of the partners.

On Saturday TwispWorks hosted The fourth annual Dinner at TwispWorks: A Cultivated Evening and I got to photograph the event. The evening was blessed with perfect weather. People enjoyed visiting and catching up with their friends and hearing about happenings around the TwispWorks campus. They enjoyed good food too. Volunteers served the food and beverages. The Marcus Dukes Project provided the background music. It was a nice evening.