Family Photos Near Winthrop

Remember this wedding? Almost two years ago, Christina and Erik and their two dogs celebrated their love at a house on the Methow River near Winthrop and then rode their bicycles (ok, the dogs didn’t ride bikes) into town to their reception at the Twisp Valley Grange. Now, they have a seven-month old daughter! I was delighted when they asked me to return to the scene of their wedding to photograph the three of them and the two dogs. The little girl seems to be full of deep thoughts and ponders the meaning of all the yellow leaves on the ground and her shoes and the little pom pom hanging off of her hat. She is an active crawler and soon will be moving around on her own two feet and I think she will be one to tell you stories. Despite having a tough night, staying awake for four hours when she should have been asleep, she was not cranky. She was ready to explore the world around her. Maybe the parents missed that sleep more than she did. The dogs are as much fun as they were two years ago and they were very happy to return to the Methow Valley and run around and jump in the river.

I really like my job. Seeing these two with their little girl really warmed my heart.

Thank you for returning to Winthrop and asking me to make your family photos.